• The river is a popular summer goal for fly angling, whitewater boating, tubing, and kayaking in the Poudre Canyon. The river has been significantly populated since the 1930s by all year homes. While a popular summer goal, the zone has private networks and houses of worship that give an all year nearness in the provincial zone. The fish in the Cache La Poudre River include: rainbow, darker and creek trout. 


    The river is liable to unexpected and destroying floods which frequently sway adjacent networks. A flood in 1864 crushed the military post, Camp Collins, situated close to the river at La Porte. The military moved the camp and renamed it Fort Collins. Albeit no post was ever manufactured, the present city of Fort Collins was set up and keeps on doing combating the intermittent flooding of the Cache La Poudre.

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     Fort Collins, CO

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